Hello, My name is Leigh Woodgate.

I am an honest,   inspiring,  and goal-oriented  speaker and jockey. 




Leigh Woodgate’s



Growing up, riding was my life. I was a natural rider and from a young age I developed into a champion; a proud and proficient track rider and jockey. One race changed all that. I had a horrific fall, broadcast on national television. With the racing world watching and fearing the worst, I survived. It took me 15 years to repair my shattered body and mind, 15 years of perseverance and dedication, to get back on the horse.

I have spent the last 5 years riding track work as well as sharing my story with corporate and community audiences. I have harnessed this experience and aim to join the professional speaking circuit full-time – sharing my story and inspiring audiences around the world.


Leigh’s goal as a public speaker is to successfully inspire people to develop courage, strength and persistence, especially in times of adversity.

She speaks about Motivation, Sport and Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing, Overcoming Challenges, and Adventure.

Contact Leigh

Leigh can be contacted via email or mobile phone. 

E: leighwoodgate@gmail.com

M: 0457 590 043